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I firmly believe there are a series of necessary Prerequisites all practitioners must know if their aim is to produce lettering of a sufficiently high standard, simple applications which dramatically improve, not only the quality of the writing but, the joy we get from the practise. 

For this reason I have created this series of videos. Some are videos alone where you follow along with a writing implement and paper and others have accompanying worksheets to better assist in the acquisition of the specific prerequisite skill. 

You will notice the Posture, Placement, Position, PAScribe Toll Hold and the PAScribe Muscular and Whole Arm Movement videos are also referred to as Basic Prerequisite Videos, as they are the key to writing comfortably, accurately, and if you need, for long hours with minimal strain to the body. 

I will not lie to you, many of you have such poor writing habits, it will be tiring in the beginning as you will be using muscles you have forgotten you have, but it will come back to you and you will rebuild the strength in the muscles. 

The aim here is you get you to work with the 3 Basic Prerequisites first. Next, I have introduced 2 higher Basic Prerequisites, my PAScribe Augmented Tool Hold, and my PAScribe versions of Muscular Movement and Whole Arm Movement. After that you can move on to the Pencil Prerequisite and then the tool you are planning on using to learn your script of choice. This way, you will only need to concentrating on the learning of the script and not struggling with the tool as well. 

All the Prerequisites are bundles with a number of videos detailing the specific topic. They will all have a description explaining what they are. 

As with all the products on this site, please do not forget to read the description before purchasing. Once purchase has been made there will be no refunds, so please double check the description before clicking through to the check out.

Should there be an pdf attachment, please read and reread the info before starting the practise, there is importation information in the text at the front to better help you gain a firm handle on the material presented. As you are printing these out on printer paper, I would suggest you use uncoated stock as this will allow you to make notes whilst you are reading. You may also find highlighting or underling any salient information a help in working through the pdf and the associated groups.

All pdfs suggest specific Facebook Groups where you can work with others working through the pdfs, discuss issues you might be having with the practise and some help on how to solve complex prerequisite matters.

Please do not share the pdfs, instead, share the links so people can download them from this site. 

Thank you for your time and enthusiasm in wanting to practise the craft. 

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